People say that they want to go to law school for all sorts of reasons: "I like to argue." "Suits is a really good show." "Math is hard." But here at Above the Law, we know that most people go to law school because they want a job. A good, well-paying job that their mother will be proud of.

But most law school rankings focus on factors that don't directly lead to employment success. A law school might spend a lot of money on its faculty, but if graduates of the law school can't get jobs, what was the point of listening to all of those high priced professors?

Yesterday, Above the Law released its second annual law school rankings. Take a look at our methodology. If you are considering going to law school, or if you are considering ordering your progeny to go to law school, check out this list. It will decrease the chances that you end up being the most legally educated person taking orders at the breastaurant.


Click here for the top 50 list.