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Miami Police Story Is Probably False, Terrifying If True

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I told you yesterday that the Miami Police would come up with some kind of ex-post-facto story to justify shooting an unarmed black man in the leg. “I don’t know,” was always going to be supplanted by some trumped-up tale of officers trying their best.


And boy, have they. You shouldn’t believe it, as their actions do not logically follow from the fiction they want you to believe, but we’ll get to that. First, let’s pretend that the story is true.


Officers arrived on the scene to reports of a man wielding a gun. What they found was Charles Kinsey trying to care for an autistic man holding a toy truck. Kinsey got on the ground, put his hands up, and explained to the officers that there were no weapons. He told the officers that the autistic man had a toy. According to John Rivera, President of the Dade County PBA, this happened next:

“It appeared to the officers that the white male was trying to do harm to Mr. Kinsey,” Rivera said. “In fearing for Mr. Kinsey’s life, the officer discharged his firearm trying to save Mr. Kinsey’s life and he missed.”


According to police, the officer was at least 50 yards away, taking cover behind a police car, when he fired three shots from an assault rifle.

Taking the police at face value, they were trying to shoot an unarmed autistic person holding a toy truck. I say again... they were trying to kill an unarmed man, sitting on the ground, whose caretaker was screaming at them that he was no threat, from 50 yards away.


The officer, who has only been identified as a 30-year-old Hispanic male, released a statement:

“I took this job to save lives and help people,” the officer said in a statement Thursday released by the union. “I did what I had to do in a split second to accomplish that and hate to hear others paint me as something I’m not.”


What you did, in your split second, is decide that the ACTUAL WORDS of a compliant black man could not be trusted versus your obscured view from 50 yards away. You used deadly force without even being in position to ascertain if deadly force was required, and you did so over the objection of the man you were allegedly trying to save. If you had better aim, a man would be gone, sentenced to death by you for the crime of playing with trucks while autistic.

At best, you recklessly fired your weapon without making a reasonable assessment of the threat.


And that’s if you are telling the truth. Which you almost certainly are not.

Look, if you are the type of person who reflexively believes every line of BS coming from the police, you might as well stop reading here. I’m not going to convince you. Every police report of every officer-involved shooting we’ve caught on video has been riddled with lies when compared to the actual video. Either that has educated you about police protocol, or it hasn’t.


Here, the police fable is not directly controverted by the video evidence on its face. Hell, the mere fact that Kinsey is alive, not dead, supports the supposition that the police weren’t shooting at him. Police seem to only miss black men in the movies.

But all of the police actions captured on video after the shooting contradict the notion that they were trying to “save” Kinsey as opposed to neutralize him. There are two big red flags here:


Flag 1: They handcuffed Kinsey.

Officer Rivera said: “Mr. Kinsey did everything right.” Then why did you handcuff him? You want me to believe that your guys accidentally shot a person they were trying to save from harm, and their immediate response afterwards was to handcuff the victim of their poor aim? That’s your actual story? DO I LOOK. LIKE. A BITCH?


Whatever idiot split-second reactions the officers had, the handcuffing of Kinsey shows who they viewed as the threat, and who they intended to neutralize.

Flag 2: Failure to render aid

Alright, alright, the cops have now shot a man they were, allegedly, trying to save. They now realize that they were trying to save that man from a toy truck. And they’ve handcuffed their damsel who is now bleeding out of his leg onto the street.


COULD THEY GET THE BROTHER A GLASS OF WATER? Maybe some first aid? Remember, Kinsey can’t dress his own wound, HE’S IN HANDCUFFS.

The video shows them letting a handcuffed man bleed onto the street from a gunshot wound they’re saying was accidentally inflicted. Come on now. That’s not what you do in that situation. That’s not how any person reacts to that set of facts. That’s not how you “protect and serve.”


Folks, I hold cops in pretty low regard, but this story they’re trying to sell makes them sound inhuman. The story they want you to believe makes them sound worse than I actually believe them to be. What human being:

* Tries to kill a man from 50 yards away while a guy is trying to tell you the man is autistic.
* Misses and hits an innocent bystander who was a caregiver for the guy he was trying to kill.
* Realizes all of this, and that he was trying to kill an autistic man who was holding a toy truck.
*Handcuffs the caregiver he was trying to help.
* Allows the caregiver he accidentally shot to bleed out onto the street without even trying to staunch the bleeding or make him comfortable until the paramedics arrive.


That’s just not a credible story. Those just aren’t the actions of a person.

Either the cops here are monsters, or they are liars. Either way, something pretty awful went down in Miami.

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