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What If Taco Bell Treated Cops The Way Chick-Fil-A Treats Gays?

Illustration for article titled What If Taco Bell Treated Cops The Way Chick-Fil-A Treats Gays?

When we talk about so-called “religious freedom laws,” the ones that seek to “protect” the denial of services to customers you don’t like, I’m always surprised by how many people act like the insult is inconsequential. When you’re never in danger of being told that your money is no good here, maybe you just don’t get how maddening it would be to be refused a basic service because of some other lifestyle decision.


The Washington Post reports that a cashier at an Alabama Taco Bell refused service to two uniformed police officers. Do you get it now?

The cashier allegedly said “We don’t serve law enforcement, and you need to leave.”


The cashier has been fired and Taco Bell has fallen over itself issuing apologies. It’s a bad look. Whatever you think about cops, every person deserves a freaking Chalupa. Hell, we wouldn’t have terrorism if every angry young man was given free Crunchwrap Supremes and Mountain Dews whenever they wanted one.

BUT... now perhaps these Alabama cops have learned a little bit what it’s like when entire states pass laws “protecting” the rights of people to not serve you. Maybe they have a little more insight into how ridiculous it is for people to refuse letting a gay couple buy a wedding cake or a bouquet of flowers? Maybe service employees should keep their politics out of their job functions?


Maybe eating at Chick-Fil-A isn’t worth supporting corporate homophobia?

Oh, the gay thing isn’t about politics, it’s about religion you say? Okay, what if a gay police officer wants you to bake him a cake for his wedding? Are there people who really think that it would be okay to deny him service if you hate him because he’s gay, but not if you hate him because he’s a cop? How would that even work?


Okay, what if cop haters started their own religion? Tax exempt and everything. The founding principles could be a literal reading of Jesus’s admonitions about being too quick to judge. If I bastardize some line in the Bible to make it sound like it’s okay to hate cops, can I get a law saying it’s okay to not sell them tacos?

It is stupid to refuse people food service based on your beliefs about the validity of their choices. Those who think cops should be able to order some nachos in peace would do well to remember that.

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